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Requests, Commissions, and all that Jazz!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 1, 2011, 1:08 PM

Well well, it seems some people do enjoy my scribblings and would like some to call their own! ^^

In an effort to preserve some order and allow people to get a chance to have their wishes answered by myself, I'm setting up this journal to establish my guidelines and restrictions for all requests, art trades, and commissions asked of me. Also, you can view the status of these; how many (if any) slots are open for requesting and commissioning and the progress completed on outstanding projects so you can know when I'll be finished and available for more!

Just some clarifications between the categories of requests I'll be taking.
There is the actual request which is entirely free of charge or obligation from the requester, they will be simple black and white sketches with either traditional soft shading or flat colors added by your choice.
However, they are the absolute bottom of the stack when compared to the others. I will only have 5 outstanding requests at a time. Any submitted after the 5 have been occupied I will respectfully turn away and you will be invited to try again when a spot has opened.
Unfortunately, as these are all being demanded out of my own free time and are subject to having to compete with my mental state of the moment, I may not address these requests sequentially at all. Meaning, you might request something far earlier than somebody else, but theirs gets done first. No disrespect is meant, but all that means is I for some reason or another felt in the mood for drawing whatever it was they asked, and as none of these are paid for I reserve the right to allocate which project I want to spend time on when I choose.

Do note, I will endeavor to always eventually complete all approved requests that I add to my list, even if embarrassingly long after their time of being requested. However, I reserve the right to close the slots immediately after completion of a request if I feel it beyond my ability to take new ones. I apologize if you were waiting for an opening, but please try to understand my desire to be honest with my availability.

I will also take art trades, in which either you may request something of me and I will in turn make a request of comparable size to you, or you may offer to do a request of mine in which you can do however good a job you wish to and I will then at least match that. That second way may get you to motivate me to make a better image for you in turn if you for instance, digitally colored and shaded something with a background, then I will do the same despite my usual free requests only being sketches.
Art trades take priority over normal requests, this is because I don't like to keep people waiting either to start their project in turn for me or for me to do my half of the trade in response to theirs. Trades will be considered as part of the 5 slots available for requests, and while taking priority for completion over them, they cannot be made if normal requests have already filled the slots. This is simply to keep me from being overwhelmed by having too many requests being made of me and possibly denying the requesters their art being drawn in a timely manner.


I'm going to allow only 2 additional slots exclusive for commissions. These will understandably take TOP priority, likely even over my own personal projects, as folks will be paying money/points for them.
NOTE: Currently figuring out my paypal, so currently only points being accepted, however I do expect to be able to accept money orders in the near future

Pricing is as follows:

Traditional Works
Simple uncleaned sketch - 200 :points:
Polished sketch with inked outline - 400 :points:
add soft shading to either - 100 :points:

Digital Works
Simple sketch - 400 :points:
add flat color - 200 :points:
add shading - 200 :points:
Traditional sketch flat colored digitally - 400 :points:
add shading - 200 :points:

A background can be added to any of the above works, however exact pricing will have to be discussed according to amount of detail and size desired. Can range anywhere from an additional 200 :points: for a super simple abstract one to 800 :points: for loads of detail and pretties.


I'm not too incredibly picky, just your average sense of decency is requested. So please respect:

- I do not draw adult art. This includes explicit nudity, sexual themes, and graphic violence.
- I don't support hate. Even if it's a commission you're willing to pay me for, I will not draw anything to promote the irrational bashing of a person or group of persons either fictional or real.
- While I will certainly draw couplings romantic and friendly alike (with mind to the first rule already in mind) I am not comfortable drawing images featuring acts or otherwise themes of bisexuality or homosexuality, please don't ask me for them.

Follow within those restrictions, and you're golden!

While not being strict rules that you absolutely must follow, here are some helpful guidelines for when you make your request from me that will give us both an easier time guaranteeing you an image you'll love =]


Basically, being as specific as you can/care to be will give me the best chance of fulfilling what you want. I'm not a mind reader, but I do like to please those who ask things of me.

- If you decided to ask me for something due to viewing a deviation of my own that you enjoyed and wanted your submission in it's style, please by all means mention which one or even linking to it.
- If you can describe or even provide a reference picture for posing, that'd make my job far easier.
- Detailed references for your character(s) are very important. If you leave them out, I'm going to have to fill in the blanks I come across myself. This I have no problem doing, but so that you get your character drawn correctly, please give me something to go by! This includes features, outfits, and coloring.

And that should do it for the required reading portion, thank you for making sure you have done so before asking me for art =]
If you do decide to do so, send me a note. Use the comments here to ask questions.


SLOT 1: :iconchobits13: Chobits13: Collab, Rune & Devon - 25% Complete, partner did rough draft, making adjustments

SLOT 2: :iconshiranai-atsune: Shiranai-Atsune: Multiple Characters - 10% Complete, conceptualized, being done digitally

SLOT 3: :iconangel-hearted-being: Angel-Hearted-Being: Ember & Violet - 0% Complete, conceptualizing


SLOT 5: :iconpinkeyapple: PinkeyApple: Noir & Terra - 50% Complete, 1 of 2 characters completed. UPDATED - 5/23/13




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At this time, I'm in the process of completing the ones I have and then I'm deleting my journal for requests/commissions until further notice. I'm very sorry, but that's a no for now =/ Keep an eye out in the future, I frankly love to do requests and draw art directly for people, but I just was proving waaay too unreliable in terms of time-frame for completion and I have personal projects I will literally not do as long as I have those unfinished requests making me feel guilty ^^;
Animal-Lover52 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
it's all good :) i'll keep my eye out for when they're open
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Thank you for the watch! <3
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You're very welcome! :aww: I love your lineless art style. Wonderful anatomy, shading, and fur textures. Your gallery is an inspiration to myself and I look forward to watching it grow now =)
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