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Steaming Hot Pile of Sketch by Joshels Steaming Hot Pile of Sketch :iconjoshels:Joshels 2 0 Fragments of Devon by Joshels Fragments of Devon :iconjoshels:Joshels 2 1 Happily Ever - After Mobius by Joshels Happily Ever - After Mobius :iconjoshels:Joshels 27 8 The Black Eyes - Cast Shot 1 by Joshels The Black Eyes - Cast Shot 1 :iconjoshels:Joshels 2 1 Happily Ever - After Mobius FLATS by Joshels Happily Ever - After Mobius FLATS :iconjoshels:Joshels 17 3 After Mobius - Sally by Joshels After Mobius - Sally :iconjoshels:Joshels 38 12 Locked and Loaded with Sketches by Joshels Locked and Loaded with Sketches :iconjoshels:Joshels 4 0 Outsketch Myself by Joshels Outsketch Myself :iconjoshels:Joshels 13 5 Some Faces of Devon by Joshels Some Faces of Devon :iconjoshels:Joshels 2 3 Up to Sketch Part 2 by Joshels Up to Sketch Part 2 :iconjoshels:Joshels 2 3 Up to Sketch Part 1 by Joshels Up to Sketch Part 1 :iconjoshels:Joshels 2 3 Ink-Quisitive Sally 2 by Joshels Ink-Quisitive Sally 2 :iconjoshels:Joshels 30 7 Divide by Trooper by Joshels Divide by Trooper :iconjoshels:Joshels 3 0 New Dimensions by Joshels New Dimensions :iconjoshels:Joshels 0 2 The Omegas from Mobius by Joshels The Omegas from Mobius :iconjoshels:Joshels 11 2 An Inkling of Improvement-Sketch by Joshels An Inkling of Improvement-Sketch :iconjoshels:Joshels 2 2


Steaming Hot Pile of Sketch
Just about time to wrap up the 2017 calendar year, so why not dump anything halfway presentable from my woefully unfrequented sketchpad? =P Got to practice some compositing methods in the process...
Rather than spam any watch lists, clutter my gallery with incomplete sketches, settle for scaled down versions of individual sketches, or have a ginormous TLDR description to this one collage, I'm numbering and linking to detailed instances of the seperate sketches hosted in my That way, you can go check out any of them you care to, and not do so with the ones you don't! Brilliant, no? -.^

1 - Sonic, style development
2 - Sally, style development
3 - Robotnik, progression study
4 - Lizzy, first concept
5 - Yoshimi, character study
6 - Devon, character and wordart study

Enjoy, or continue on your way and have a nice day! :thumbsup:
Fragments of Devon
This is more of what I wanted out of my previous Devon sketch dump, I'm super happy with how these respectively came out.
Good fun experimenting with doing some fairly basic lazy coloring in GIMP 2. Some of the sketches were a little too busy to discern the details of, so I thought color would help differentiate things a bit within one of these tiny scenes.
Again, I'm touching on multiple points within her whole story, really helps to see concepts visually I've only previously imagined! I hope somebody else likes how they came out.
Happily Ever - After Mobius
My power laptop fried, switched from using Photoshop Elements to GIMP, and became mostly bed-ridden while sick with some nasty virus... but now I thought I'd finish something I started months ago! So I laid this to rest, not ideally how I'd like it, but enough that I can be satisfied it is done =)
As usual, I've already mentally reworked how these two should look since I started this piece. But I thought it a hefty enough project I'd already put enough into I should give it a proper finish.

Download for the full 1080p wallpaper version.
Go look at the clean digital lines for the characters.
Or perhaps the flat colors may be of interest to you.

Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog are copyrighted by SEGA, Archic Comics, and DiC.
Usage of these intellectual properties here is strictly on the basis of fan-art for the entertainment of the artist and viewers and is entirely non-commercial. Furthermore, the artist, 
 Joshels, does not claim or release to any other party ownership of said content by any means.
The Black Eyes - Cast Shot 1
This sketch was completed a number of months ago actually, been on the back burner because I was both inking it traditionally and trying to digitally render it without the sketch for use as reference pics for each of these characters going forward. However, as inactivity on a piece often does, that effort was abandoned due to not being actively pursued for too long. Plus, I have new ideas for their reference sheets.

These are the current working concepts respectively for Jean (previously 'Jon'), Sev, Devon, and Tina. All of them have appeared in my gallery before, some vastly more different than others. Note the "1" in the title however as this is just a portion of the planned main cast, I hope to follow up with more in the near future so I can FINALLY have a visual representation of them all.

I normally hate slapping huge watermarks on images or letting dA do it for me as I am with this, but consider it a WIP. I may return and color these after all so then that'll be gone.


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Why thank you good sir, I can say the same of you as well =)
Shen-fn-Woo Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Wow, I'm late replying to this.

You all that busy?  If you've got some time to spare, maybe you'd like to jump in on our little project over at Sonic Quantum?  Not sure if I asked you before.
Joshels Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
As amazed as I am to say it, yeah, super busy at life finally. Sorry for being no help, I genuinely appreciate being asked at least.
Seriously though, good luck on the project, looks like you've put forth a considerable amount of effort to coordinate it and have some concrete ideas. I sincerely hope you get a reliable team to help make it happen, which is why I have to honestly say I'd fail to be one with my presence circumstances and past track record with projects.
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Hi and a hollaaa to you.
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Welp, here's a mega-delayed "Hi duder!" :wave:
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XD my Raptor just keeps slapping it.
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday, my friend! I haven't forgotten you giving me a mention for that one Halo piece you've done. I'm still beyond grateful for that. Have a great day! 
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I miss you so much...
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